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All participating students will be awarded a certificate based on the Adjudicator's assessment of their performances. The categories are:

a) Gold (86 % and up – Memorized Performance)

b) Silver (80 – 85%)

c) Bronze (76 – 79%)

d) Participation (under 75%)

e) Marks are not given out at the Festival

f) Certificates will not be publicly awarded but will be included with the adjudication sheet in the returned copy of the student's musical score. Participation certificates will be awarded to students who present a photocopied score to the Adjudicator.

2) The Adjudicators' decisions are final; Adjudicators will not enter into any discussion with teachers, students or parents regarding their decisions.

3) No marks will be publicly recorded or announced.


NOTE: Medals will no longer be awarded for the Howe Sound Music Festival.  Performances at the Highlights Concert will be a celebration of success and not a venue for competition.


NOTES: Scholarships are awarded to students based on their performance in their scheduled classes throughout the festival. Announcements are made at the Highlights Concert. If there are no suitable recipients, the Festival has the right to not award a scholarship.

This list has room to grow!  Anyone wishing to donate funds towards the scholarship program can do so by contacting the Executive Director, Veronica McPhee.  This list will be updated in case of new awards.


$50 –        Vocalist 14 years & under

            Donated by Colleen Koop


$75   -        Vocalist 18 years & under

            Donated by Veronica McPhee



$100 -      Classical Vocalist

                        Donated by Donated by Elizabeth and Ross Sherlock


$100 –       Musical Theatre Vocalist

                        Donated by Broadway or Bust [Melissa Braun]


Book -             Folksong Award

                        Donated by Veronica McPhee


$100 -       Duet, Trio, or Ensemble Award

                        Donated by Sea to Sky Singers




$50 -  Piano Scholarship (Best Performance of a Baroque composition) Donated by: Hayley Read

$50 -            Piano Scholarship (Most Promising Pianist Level Beg.-3 - Solo Classes)

                        Donated by:  Carol Grolman


$75 -            Piano Scholarship (Most Promising Pianist Level 4-7 - Solo Classes)

                        Donated by:  Brian Marchant


$100 -          Piano Scholarship (Most Promising Pianist Level 8–Honours – Solo)

                        Donated by Heidi MacPherson


$50 -          Piano Scholarship (Levels 4 – Honours - Sonata class) 

                        Donated by: Julie Murakami


$100 -          Piano Scholarship (Best Performance of a Canadian composition)

                        Donated by:  Stephanie McHugh




 $100 - Most Promising Performer in Voice OR Piano (18 and under)

            Donated by:  Squamish Academy of Music [Melissa Braun]

2 x $75 - Provincial Observer Award [this award will be presented to the chosen recipients, upon Provincial Music Festival registration]
Donated by: Murray and Sue Purdie

2 x $150 - Provincial Delegate Award  [this award will be presented to the chosen recipients, upon Provincial Music Festival registration]
Donated by: Anonymous

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