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Do you have some time to spare to encourage our local music students? To Volunteer, please sign up for a time slot. A short meeting will be held prior to the event to review all the duties and assign positions.

The Festival has opportunities for parents, teachers, grandparents, and friends to support the festival. In appreciation of ones volunteer support during the festival, anyone (teacher or parent) providing a minimum of 4 hours volunteer time, not including the Highlights Concert, will receive a complimentary Festival pass.  Please contact Veronica McPhee at (604) 892-7189  or email howesoundperformingarts@gmail.com



Volunteer Duties


Class Participants are asked to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled class start time in case classes are running early and to facilitate punctual session starts.

Thirty (30) Minutes Prior to Class / Upon Arrival:


1)     Introduce yourself to the adjudicator ask if they require anything to eat, drink, etc.  Enlist the help of the Inside Door Monitor as a Runner.

2)   On the desk you will find:

a.     Master Program – THIS IS WHERE ALL MARKS ARE WRITTEN DOWN.  This book should be closed when you are not sitting at the desk, as this is confidential information.

b.     Volunteer Badge

c.      Adjudication Sheets & Certificates in Envelopes marked with the Date and time of session

d.     Box with pens, pencils, erasers

e.     Highlights Concert Performers Sheet (handed out to students receiving a Gold)

f.        Gold, Silver, Bronze sticker labels to be placed on Certificates

3)     Put on "Volunteer Badge” 

4)     Find Envelope marked "Adjudicator Marking Sheets” with today’s date

5)     Pull out sheets and certificates and ask the adjudicator to sign them. (Careful not to let them get out of order)  Adjudicator keeps the adjudication marking sheets and you take back the certificates.

6)     Pencils: make sure they are sharpened at all times.  Have 3 in front of the adjudicator.

During Session:

1)     Ensure sessions (morning, afternoon, evening) start on time.

2)     Opening Remarks are done by another Volunteer

3)     Consult with the Adjudicator for his/her preference on running classes together before adjudication (or not) as they see fit.  Once this is done, announce any changes to the schedule.  Then: “We will begin with class ____ and continue to class ____ before the adjudication.  "Students, please have your music open and ready to the page and bring it to the table now.”  Stack the music [open to correct pages] in order of performance.   When ready, say, “Now let’s begin with class ______.”

4)  "Colleen Koop performing A Jolly Frog”.  

5)  Student performs their piece.

6)  WAIT until the adjudicator gives you the "OK” before you call the next person.

7)  At the end of the class(es) the Adjudicator will:

a.     Mark the adjudication sheets by circling Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Participation

b.     Record marks in his/her own Festival Program.  Marks are NOT to be put on the adjudication sheet.

c.      Will give his/her program to you.

8) Put the appropriate "Gold, Silver, Bronze” seal on the certificate WHILE they go up to the front and do the adjudication.  Place the seal in the empty space above the adjudicator’s signature.

9) Enter the number grades on to the Awards List. Keep confidential. Highlight Gold Recipients.

10)  When the Adjudicator is done speaking, he/she will return the adjudication sheets to you.  Place them in the music with the Certificate.  Include the Highlights Concert Performers Sheet with Gold Certificates.  Please be discreet with all papers.

11) Return the music books [including all paperwork] to the students.

12)  As soon as this is done, move quickly to the next class.  If there is a change over of levels/age groups review the housekeeping rules as needed. 

At the end of the session (morning, afternoon, evening)

Thank the Students & the Adjudicator.  

Make sure the Master Program is CLOSED and it in the box.

Return the Awards List to the Adjudicator.

Tidy up table, ready for the next session.


Possible Questions:

1)     Student was not there when the name was called.  

a.  At the end of the class call the name one more time, if there is still no response, write down WD [withdrawn] in the book and set aside the adjudication sheet and certificate.

2)     Class is finished, but a missing student comes to the desk to say they were there now.  Can they perform?

a.     Tell the student they’ll have to sit down and when you have a moment you will ask the adjudicator if they will still hear the student perform at the end of the session (morning, afternoon, evening). If he/she says Yes, tell them they have to wait until the end.

b.     If the student does not perform at the end when called, they will not have another opportunity to play the piece they missed.

3)     Student does not have an extra copy of their music and does not have their piece memorized.  

a.    Adjudicator then should look at the music, then give to the student to use at the piano.  Then after they are done, bring the music back to the table.

4)     Student is performing, and then has a memory lapse. 

  a.     Adjudicator will usually give the student their music and try to help them out.

      5)  Student or accompanist is using photocopied music.

               a.  The adjudicator reserves the right to hear the performance OR immediately disqualify the performance.

               b.  At the discretion of the adjudicator, performances which are allowed will result in an adjudication and Participation Certificate only. [Gold, Silver, or Bronze will NOT be awarded regardless of the performance quality.]

             c.  the adjudicator reserves the right to provide an oral adjudication only.

             d.  The above rule applies to Own Composition classes as well.



Class Participants are asked to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled class start time in case classes are running early and to facilitate punctual session starts.

Open the doors and greet people as they come in.

Upon student arrival:

The Inside Door Monitor will come to tell you where they are at in the program.  As people arrive you can inform them.

Check Students off in the Program and then confirm that they have a copy of their music with their name in it.  

Use a sticky note to mark the page with their name, class, and Performer number/order (i.e. 1st, 2nd etc.)

They may keep their Competitor Card.  They will need this to gain FREE entry into the Highlights Concert.

If this is their first appearance, have STUDENTS print their name on a BLACK music note with a silver pen (and leave with you) to be used for decoration at the Highlights Concert. [ONE PER STUDENT, PLEASE.]

Invite PARENTS, TEACHERS, VOLUNTEERS, AND AUDIENCE MEMBERS to print their name on a WHITE music note with a black pen (and leave with you) to be used for decoration at the Highlights Concert.

Do not allow Performers to warm-up and/or practice in the venue.

Missing Performers:  If a class is ready to begin and there is someone missing, please inform the Inside Door Monitor PRIOR to the class beginning.  If they do arrive after the class has started, please let the secretary know they have arrived.

Upon Audience arrival:

Collect and Record admission.  Admission is $3/session (morning OR afternoon OR evening) for those 6 yrs and up.  5 and under is FREE.

Encourage people to buy a Festival Pass for $15, including unlimited entry to all sessions AND the Highlights Concert.  Have them write their name on the ticket.  It is NON-TRANSFERABLE.

Sell Festival Programs for $2. Record sales. If there are pre-paid programs that have not yet been collected, please distribute these, as necessary.

Invite guests to become Members of the HSPAA.  Have them fill out the membership form, collect the $10 fee and keep together in the cash box.

If you see any cameras/video recorders, ask them to review the Sign, stating filming is only allowed of one’s own child’s performance. Recording adjudications is NOT allowed.

Keep the front lobby chatter to a whisper during performances and/or adjudication time.

Do not allow people to exit OR enter DURING a performance and during the adjudication period as this is very distracting to the performer.

As Students/Audience leave:

Collect the Highlights Concert Performer Sheets, as necessary.

Invite students to write comments, sign their name, etc. on the “graffiti wall” which will be used as a tablecloth at the Highlights Concert reception.

Please give the Cash Box to the secretary at the end of your shift.



Class Participants are asked to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled class start time in case classes are running early and to facilitate punctual session starts.

Before the Class Starts:

Assist the Adjudicator Secretary in providing food, drinks, etc. for the adjudicator.

Consult with the Outside Door Monitor to ensure all Participants have arrived.  [The Adjudicator Secretary and Outside Door Monitor should not have to leave their tables.  Please maintain communication with them.]

If a class is ready to begin and a Participant is absent, notify the Secretary PRIOR to the start of the class.  If the student arrives late, he/she MAY be able to perform at the end of the class. Please notify the Secretary [between performances] when the student arrives.

Welcome the Adjudicator and Read Opening Remarks before the session begins.

During the Class:

Stand in front of the door during performances to prevent people from enteringPlease ensure the door does not slam shut.

Discourage people from exiting DURING a performance and during the adjudication period as this is very distracting to the performer.

If you see someone with a cell phone, kindly remind him or her to turn it off while they are inside the performance venue.

If you see a camera, or video recorder, please ask them kindly not to take any photographs during a performance.  An opportunity will be given at the end of the (afternoon / evening) session.


In between performers and while you are waiting for the adjudicator to begin his/her comments, open the door so people know they can come in. 

Enjoy the performances!

After the Class:

Keep the Outside Door Monitor up to date when classes are finished.  Then he/she can tell people as they arrive where we are at in the program.



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